Polom d.o.o., Polom 1b
1332 Stara Cerkev, Slovenia
+386 (0)41 781 330



The village of Polom is located right in the Žitna gora special-purpose hunting ground, encompassing 3,473 hectares of ground. The most important game hunting species are deer, roe deer and wild boar. The area is also home to the wildcat and all three protected large wild animal species: brown bear, wolf and lynx.

By means of a special order issued by the competent ministry, hunting visitors are also allowed to hunt brown bears and wolfs.

The Žitna gora special-purpose hunting ground borders on the neighbouring hunting families of Kočevje, Mala gora, Lazina, Struge and the Medved special-purpose hunting ground that comprises two enclosures of about 1,000 hectares each, providing the hunters with an authentic hunting experience. The main game species kept within the enclosures is the wild boar, followed by deer, fallow deer and mouflon.

Special-purpose hunting grounds are areas intended for handling game in regions with the most preserved nature and a wide variety of flora and fauna. Such grounds allow game hunting and observation, as well as organising group hunts, especially wild boar hunts.
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