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By climbing the popular hill of Mestni vrh (1034 m), hikers can continue climbing its neighbouring hilltops. The Baza 20 memorial site on the Kočevski Rog plateau is also worth visiting. Being the only base of this kind in Europe that remained undiscovered until the end of World War II, it is now protected as a cultural and historical monument.

The town of Kočevje serves as an excellent starting point for numerous cycling routes such as the trail leading through the Kočevje woods marked by its grim history, and the Lynx Cycling Trail.

With the rivers of Rinža, Kolpa and Čabranka, and the Kočevsko or Rudniško jezero and Reško jezero lakes, the fishing area of Kočevje features a number of good sites for fishing enthusiasts.

Although the mushrooming season starts as early as April and May, it attracts most mushroom hunters in autumn when porcini or cep mushrooms grow in heaps.
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