Polom d.o.o., Polom 1b
1332 Stara Cerkev, Slovenia
+386 (0)41 781 330

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About us

If you happen to wander around the Kočevje basin, where the Rinža river flows at a lazy pace, make a stop in the small village of Polom to relax in harmony with nature, while enjoying all the advantages of the modern lifestyle.

The village of Polom is situated in the southern part of the Suha krajina region, only short of 15 kilometres away from Kočevje. The peaceful village surrounded by woods is distinguished by its old chestnut avenue, and takes pride in its church of Saint Michael.

Due to its location away from the city bustle, it offers a wide range of possibilities for spending leisure time and engaging in various activities in the heart of intact nature.
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